Coworking spaces are a great way for your business to save costs, provide great opportunities for networking and increasing productivity.

If you’re thinking about joining a coworking space for the first time you may need a run-down of what you should and should not do t a coworking space. These tips may help you avoid upsetting other co-workers and get all the benefits from your coworking space.

1. Keep your noise level in mind

Since a coworking space is shared by several different people from different professions, a joint effort must be made to keep the noise levels to a minimum.  Coworking spaces usually offer quiet places such as meeting rooms that can be used for calls that could disturb others. At @Work coworking space we offer an hour free in a meeting room with daily, flexi and monthly rates and an outside area perfect for taking loud calls.

2. Have a noise management plan

Although most coworking spaces promote quiet working levels, it would be unrealistic to expect absolutely no noise. Therefore, it is recommended that you make use of noise cancelling headphones to ensue you are not affected by any noises.

3. Don’t be afraid to network in your coworking space

Organic networking is another benefit to working in a coworking space, so don’t be shy about getting to know everyone around you!

You may fine=d your next graphic designer or finance manager. Networking provides you with endless opportunities to grow and improve your business.

4. Keep your workspace and shared areas tidy

Virtual offices, which include coworking spaces, are shared by a variety of people. That’s why it’s so important to pick up after yourself, especially in shared areas. Always do your dishes after using the kitchen and do your best to pitch in to keep the space looking clean and professional. Although we have a Barista in our coworking space to take care of that it is still a good idea to help where you can

5. Don’t hinder anyone’s productivity

Working from a shared office can be quite difficult especially because there’s always an interesting conversation to be had when you’re surrounded by inspiring people.

Be careful not to hinder a fellow coworker’s productivity. Some office spaces, like @Work coworking office space make this easy. We take pride for being a quiet coworking area but also provide areas where you may be social.

If that sounds like your type of coworking space, you can make a booking on this website 😊